Glass Bongs

A bong is a water pipe with a filter function. It is mainly based on igniting tobacco or marijuana, and then inhaling the gas into the device through a filter to quickly cool the gas, giving you a cleaner and more violent experience, which is very suitable for those customers who are looking for a stimulating feeling. There are many types of Radiant Glass bong water pipes, and their shapes are also unique, but their working principles are basically the same.

No matter which bong you prefer, Radiant Glass can meet your needs and individual customization service. Give you the most comfortable shopping experience. "

How Is A Bong Made?


The secret to making bong lies in grasping the core technology of glass blowing, however, compared with other types of bongs, bongs are far more complex than other types of bongs. Smoking guns are often characterized by bright colors, unique designs and elaborate printed decorations. At the same time, many bongs come with additional components such as ice traps and filters. All of this together makes for a very interesting and impressive glass-making process.

 Workers at Radiant Glass require specialized tools in specific work environments when making bongs. To make it, they need to attach a hot torch to a stand, put a slender glass rod on it, light it and turn it by hand until it becomes a coil pot. It's similar to the process of making a clay pot, isn't it?

We design new products every month. The new products we regularly produce are very popular with customers and win a lot of markets for customers.

How To Customize The Bong?

Radiant Glass has a professional design team. If you have any fanciful ideas, we can try our best to restore them to reality. Of course, if you have the exact CAD design drawings, that's even better. We can finish this project very quickly. It doesn't matter if you don't have it, just tell us your exact idea, the designer will help you!


Workers from Radiant Glass, when making customized logos for customers. First, the professional inspection workers confirm that the quality of the bottle is qualified, and then print the LOGO required by the customer through a special printing machine. After filling in the logo, gently put it into the crawler and let them pass through the high-temperature firing machine , at a high temperature of 450°. The customer's logo can be firmly printed on the bottle and no one can remove it. That sounds cool,doesn't it?

What Are The Components Of Bong?



Flower is packed into the bowl and this is place light the tobacco or marijuana 



Downstem Insert into fitting Delivers gas into the unit 

Water Chamber

The smoke is then further filtered through the water chamber to filter out the dirt and further cooled by the water


The gas flows up through the neck to reach the mouthpiece place.


Put your mouth in this place and inhale, you can inhale the fresher and more stimulating air after filtering into the lungs.

How To Use A Bong?

The bong uses water cooling to generate steam by heating the concentrate, and the bowl is like a furnace during the whole process.

The user inhales on the mouthpiece, and the steam generated by the combustion is sucked into the bongs through the air pressure. Enter the water chamber, and the water is equivalent to a radiator, which can quickly cool the high-temperature steam generated by combustion, and reduce it to a suitable temperature to facilitate your inhalation into your lungs, giving you the most refreshing and more intense experience.

Step1. Fill above downstem with water.

Step2. Put flowers in a bowl.

Step3. Water bubbling due to inhalation of air.

Step4. Remove the lighter away, after lighting the flower

Step5. Smoke reaches a desired amount, then remove the bowl

Step6. That's all, enjoy it!

What Are The Types Of Bongs?


Beaker bongs.

It is the most basic because not only is it sturdier but the bottom of the beaker can hold more water and smoke.

Straight tubes.

The straight tubes and beaker base water have a simpler or more traditional look that buyers are looking for. These lightweight designs provide versatility on different parts and accessories, making it easier for beginners to master

Bubble base bongs

The iconic look of the bubble base bongs is versatile and easy to maintain.

Dab rigs

Dab rigs are best used with concentrates, but flowers and herbs work too.

Something unique

We offer many unique pieces which look like beautiful glass artwork to help you find your perfect themed bong to show off your style. Our online headshop are so unique because we look far and wide to found you the coolest bongs in the world.

How To Ensure Product Quality?

Radiant Glass' requirements for product quality tend to be more stringent. When a product is completed, it will not be packaged immediately.

First, put the product into the area to be inspected, and wait for professional staff to inspect each product one by one. From the bottom of the bottle to the bottle, check repeatedly to check for cracks. Whether there is a problem with function, whether there is a defect, ensure that each product is perfectly repackaged and shipped.    

Radiant Glass is more concerned with product quality than consumers.

Every product is a Work of Art, and it has been Infused with our Soul.


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