Dab Rigs

A dab rig is a device dedicated to consuming waxes and concentrates. Compared with other smoking products, it can give you more unique taste enjoyment and thicker vapor concentration.

The dab rig can be filtered to give you a smoother touch and a more direct impact. This is achieved through its own water cooling and vaporization functions.

How To Blow A Dab Rig?


Workers at Radiant Glass require specialized tools in a specific work environment when making dab rigs. To make it, they need to fix the hot torch on a stand, put a slender glass rod on it, fire it and turn it by hand until it becomes a coil pot. It's similar to the process of making a clay pot, isn't it?

A part of the glass is developed to be the tube of the dab rig, which is where the mouthpiece is. The remaining thin tube is used to make the body or bottom of the dab rig. This part is fired by a glass blower until a spherical glowing hot end is formed. These two parts must be used together, so workers are particularly demanding on size

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How Do Dab Rigs Work?

The dab rig uses water cooling to generate steam by heating the concentrate, and the dab nail is like a furnace during the whole process.

The user inhales on the mouthpiece, and the steam generated by the combustion is sucked into the dab rig through the air pressure. Enter the water chamber, and the water is equivalent to a radiator, which can quickly cool the high-temperature steam generated by combustion, and reduce it to a suitable temperature to facilitate your inhalation into your lungs, giving you the most refreshing and more intense experience.

How To Use Dab Rigs?

Using dab rig is quite easy. It's easier to use than you'd expect, no matter what age group you are. Using dab rig is almostly the same as using other hookah products. You heard right! You need to light the tobacco first and then inhale, the gas will be washed through the filter and enter your mouth.

The only difference with using dab rig is that what is lit is not tobacco but concentrate. You need to heat the concentrate to 350° to 400°, at which temperature the concentrate evaporates into a gas, and you simply breathe in the filtered gas.

What Accessories DO I Need TO Dab Rigs Smoking?

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Dab Nail

Dab nail is indispensable for you. There are many types and colors, you can choose the one you like!

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Dab Torch

To be able to use your dab rig quickly, you need to heat it to the right temperature. This is not something a standard lighter can accomplish. You need a Dab torch and some fuel to get your dab rig working fast. Pick your favorite color and style to match your dab rig.

Carb Cab

Covering the carb cup creates more steam and bubbles when you fire the concentrate. When you are satisfied with the concentration of air bubbles and steam throughout the dab rig, you can remove the carb cup to allow more airflow into the container, giving you a harder hit. It looks like this is a perfect accessory for dab rig.


Can help you transfer the concentrate to the dab nail, allowing you to reduce the loss when loading materials. Now there are a variety of styles of tools for you to choose from, go and choose your favorite.

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